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The Best Real Estate Schools

The first step to becoming a licensed real estate agent is to pass your real estate exam. In most states, this is going to require you to attend real estate school. You must take a required real estate course in order to be eligible to take the state real estate test.

In this video, I give my recommendations on the best real estate school to take your classes at, in my opinion.

I also discuss the topic of online school vs. classroom schooling. Which one is better and what is quicker?

If you are like me, I wanted to become a real estate agent as quickly as possible. I wanted to take my real estate courses at a good school and get it over with.

Before you take your real estate exam or pursue a real estate school, see what my recommendations are for a real estate school.

Discounts available at these schools. Just choose your state.

Alabama Real Estate School https://goo.gl/FPRxsE

Arkansas Real Estate School https://goo.gl/hr7MXw

California Real Estate School https://goo.gl/rkkDzQ

Colorado Real Estate School https://goo.gl/vi97PH

Florida Real Estate School https://goo.gl/JxWBHt

Georgia Real Estate School https://goo.gl/zvP5YB

Illinois Real Estate School https://goo.gl/jPRazK

Iowa Real Estate School https://goo.gl/3g9dHF

Kansas Real Estate School https://goo.gl/TtFD6R

Kentucky Real Estate School https://goo.gl/7cCzML

Michigan Real Estate School https://goo.gl/b984bx

Minnesota Real Estate School https://goo.gl/GVRTLP

Mississippi Real Estate School https://goo.gl/N5jYqT

Missouri Real Estate School https://goo.gl/wHcNTf

Nevada Real Estate School https://goo.gl/WB1MfD

New York Real Estate School https://goo.gl/Fz4ZnU

Oklahoma Real Estate School https://goo.gl/LBMfmq

Pennsylvania Real Estate School https://goo.gl/rJvRCz

Tennessee Real Estate School https://goo.gl/7hFjvP

Texas Real Estate School https://goo.gl/q2eGYb

Virginia Real Estate School https://goo.gl/AVK9vz

These are my personal tips for real estate agents who are just starting out in the industry. These tips are the things I wish I had known ahead of time. When you’re getting started in real estate, there are so many things thrown in your direction at all times.





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Chastin J. Miles is a licensed Texas Realtor for Rogers Healy and Associates.

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Real Estate Licensing Requirements

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How much money does it cost to become a real estate agent

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UGEZ5NW My practical step by step guide showing you how to make money right away with your Real Estate License Available now.

Should you quit your job to become a full time real estate agent?

Check out How to do real estate part time successfully while having a full time job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF09K…

Some of my most popular vids:

How to make money quickly-Get your Real Estate License

Motivation 2016: How to live now Ft Les Brown, Eric Thomas and Steve Jobs


How much does it cost to get started in Real Estate is a good topic. To go through the process you will have to go to a State qualified real estate school and take classes which usually run for 0 but you can find deals on Groupon for or . After taking the classes you have to register for the NY State exam which cost . Once passing the State Exam you have to submit you application to the state for your license which is a fee. In total it can run you 5 on the high end or 5 on the low end.

After getting your license you will have to pay fees to your Broker. Such fees are MLS, limited Liability Insurance, and sometimes a franchise fee. Ask your broker what are their upfront fees.

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How to get your Real Estate license and become a Real Estate Agent

As a full time real estate agent since 2008, this is the most common question I get asked – so this is my video addressing anyone interested in getting into the real estate sales industry. It’s been the funnest “job” I’ve ever had and I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than working as a Realtor and investing in my own properties on the side. Feel free to add me on Snap/Insta: GPStephan

Benefits of becoming a Realtor:
-You don’t need a college degree
-You make your own hours
-You don’t have to be in an office all day
-You can wear what you want, for the most part
-You can directly control your income
-You can meet people you’d never ordinarily meet
-You get to see some crazy cool homes
-You can represent yourself when you buy/sell your own properties
-You get great tax advantages and tax deductions

On the downside:
-Many people fail
-Many people never make money
-Your income can be very sporadic (high highs, low lows)
-The hours can be odd/inconsistent
-Not everyone can handle working with people and multiple personalities

You don’t need any prior knowledge in the real estate industry, although you will need to learn a significant amount as you go along.
It also doesn’t take a ton of money to get started – as long as you have some savings to cover yourself until you start earning consistent money, which could be 6-12 months from when you start, the fees are manageable. The cost of actually becoming licensed could be as little as a few hundred dollars.
It’s also a great career to start when you’re young – since you have very little overhead, it’s a great time to begin learning and honing your skills. By the time your older, you’ll already have established yourself in the industry.

First step is getting your real estate license. The requirements vary from state-to-state, so google “How to get your real estate license in (your state here).”
You’ll usually need to enroll in a real estate course which is generally about 135-hours of education. You can take it online (what I recommend) or in person.
If you’re in California, I took my real estate license course from PremierSchools: https://goo.gl/IDVxCf (use code grstp for 5% off). www.AlliedSchools.com is also another great option, as is Kaplan for most other states in the US.

Once you pass these courses, you’ll sign up to take your state test. This is what you’ll need to study for – generally there are plenty of exam cram products you can buy, many of which are helpful.

Passing your tests and getting your license is easy. Really, really easy – the barrier to entry is very, very low. Actually making money is another story. Once you get your license, my BIGGEST recommendation is to work as an assistant to another Realtor. This will give you all the experience you need with very little risk, since you’re getting paid for your time. When you feel comfortable enough, you can go off on your own and begin working your own clients. Even if you have to intern for free to see if you like it, it’s worth it for the experience.

If you decide to go off on your own, you’ll need to join a real estate brokerage as a new agent who will oversee your salesperson activity. My recommendation is to first find a brokerage that works in the area that you want to work in. If you want to work in the high end luxury market, find brokerages that work in the area you want to be in. Make sure that brokerage also offers training and support – this is crucial as a new agent who’s still learning.

A good book I recommend is “the millionaire real estate agent” by Gary Keller. This pretty much covers everything you’d need to know! This can be bought here: http://goo.gl/TPTSVC

Thanks for watching!

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My Real Estate School Experience and Becoming A New Real Estate Agent

My experience in real estate school and becoming a new real estate agent.

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How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent Part 2

Here is part 2 on how to become a Top Real Estate Agent. Your environment MATTERS, your morning routine is crucial and your relationhips are even more important! Take these tip and apply them for a powerful growth and surge in your business!

Promo Code “BC” on my website for 10% off my products!

My website: http://www.bryancasella.com
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Should You Pay for an Expensive Real Estate Education Course?

The Guru Trap

No doubt, you have seen expensive coaching and training programs advertised on late-night television or Internet banner ads. Real estate gurus claim to be able to teach you to become filthy rich through real estate investing. Is this real? Can you really learn from these guys?

Read the blog at BiggerPockets

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Million Dollar Agent age 26 tells how to fast-track your career

Gavin Rubinstein is living proof that when you free yourself from any self-limiting beliefs, you start to reach your potential. For more FREE real estate training tools, visit http://www.tompanos.com.au

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http://GoBorino.com. What they didn’t teach you in real estate school. Tips For New Agents.
Every week your coach Borino answers questions about generating leads, prospecting, getting more good listings, earning more commissions while helping more clients. What it takes to be a successful real estate agent. This week’s question is from Taylor who is about to enter the business:
A new real estate agent (or soon to be) asks:
Trying to get a grasp of the realty business and hoping to be able to truly flourish whenever I start. I’m currently on the end of my enlistment in the Navy and looking to get out and pursue something that I can be truly passionate in, I believe that to be Real estate. I have about 4 months until I get out and I’m currently in the Chicago area. My wife and I are considering making the move to Washington to be closer to family but have strongly considered staying in the Chicago area as to avoid the heavy cost of moving and starting somewhere new. My question mainly resides in what’s the best way to get started? My wife is 3 months pregnant and with a baby on the way I feel that I need to work my ass off as to be able to provide for my family, a 9-5 job just cant do it and it’s, simply speaking, something I’ve never been interested in. I’m ready to put in the work and I have the drive to be able to provide for my family. Any tips, tricks, or just general information would be amazing. Anything helps, thank you!

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Wanna turn even tough FSBOs into cool listings? Check out FSBORINO:

Expireds can be the easiest listings. With a few tips and the right system:

There is a new way to communicate with leads and prospects – and get more business:

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How to Succeed as a Part-Time Realtor – Kevin Ward

Go to http://YesMasters.com For more killer training videos for REALTORS who want more Yes’s and more Successes in their business and in their life! From Kevin Ward, international real estate trainer, speaker, and coach.

In this video, Kevin explains the 5 Keys to Being Successful as a part-time real estate agent. The first thing to understand is that whether an agent is part-time or full-time, you have the responsibility to be professional and competent.

Succeeding part time is tough…but you can do it. Here are the 5 Keys:
1. Be part-time, not “some-time.” Have a schedule to make that happen and follow it.
2. Have a plan and definite timeframe to go full-time.
(6 months maximum.)
3. Lead generate and follow up every day.
4. Practice and train every day.
5. Get a full-time agent to work with or to help you.
You need a mentor anyway. Work WITH them, not for them.
Don’t lose deals out of greed. Split the money, close more deals. Get more experience. Get more deals.

Follow Kevin Online Here:
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