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How to Pass Your Real Estate License Exam the First Time: Taking the Test

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In these two videos, Kevin gives you the exact process for how to easily pass your real estate licensing exam or real estate broker examination the first time. To watch the first video on how to prepare for your exam, click this link : https://youtu.be/hJ7rIM-kdI8

In this video Kevin explains how to take the test and pass it with flying colors on your first attempt. Follow these eight steps:

#1. CONTINUE DECLARATIONS. Continue chanting your positive declarations. Keep your thoughts positive and confident.

#2. BREATHE. Take 60 seconds to relax.  Close your eyes, take 4 or 5 deep breathes in, hold them for 5 seconds and then exhale slowly.  Calm your mind.  Visualize yourself knowing every answer easily.

#3. SEE THE ANSWER. Read each question without looking at the answers first, and let the answer pop into your head, and then look at the answers to find the one that popped into your mind. If you don’t know the answer immediately after looking at the answer, mark it, and skip it.

#4. ANSWER THE EASY ONES FIRST. Just answer the ones you know. Go through the entire test and answer only the questions to which you know the answer for sure.  

#5. SKIP HARD & MATH QUESTIONS. On your scratch paper, create 2 columns, one with a question mark (?) and one with an M.
If you don’t know answer to a question put that number in the ?-column and skip it.  Don’t try to remember the answer, just read the question and let your subconscious work on finding the answer while you go on with the rest of the test. When you come to a questions that is a Math question that will require some time to work out, simply put the number of that question in the  M-column and skip it. This way you can get all the way through the test, get most of it finished, and then you have plenty of time to go back and focus on the tougher and/or tougher questions.

#6. DOUBLE CHECK your math answers by working it backwards and see if it still comes out right.  Most math questions have at least one wrong answer that is based on a common miscalculation that a lot if students make, so always double check yourself.

#7. TRUST YOUR GUT. When you go back to answer the questions that you are not 100% sure of, trust your intuition.  If you ever read that material or learned it, that answer is still in your brain.  Trust that your sub-conscious mind was finding it for you while you went on with the rest of the test.

#8. ACCEPT THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO. Recognize that the worst thing that can happen is that you will not pass the first time, and you will have to take it again….so it’s nothing to stress about. Some of best agents failed test. NO STRESS. You got this. Now pass it!

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