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Even though becoming a realtor may not be very easy, it can be a very rewarding challenge to conquer. This career requires someone who is self-motivated and good with people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of agents who are not aware of the things required to become a realtor.

Steps you need to take if you want to become a realtor:

Get your pre-license

The first step when you want to become a realtor is taking a course for your pre-license. When it comes to finding the right real estate school, you need to first ensure that the school is certified and that your state accepts this school.

Choose a school that has a high percentage of students who have passed their exams. Some states allow you to take this course online while others require that you attend a brick and mortar school. The best thing to do is to check what the state requires you to do.

Get your professional license application to your state

After passing your exams, send your application to your state to get your professional license. This process will differ from state to state. In order to find out the specific process, ask your school or contact the real estate commission.

After completing the required education passed all the exams and gotten your professional license, you will be given information on taking your state exam.

Taking the state test

It is important to prepare well for the state exam because you will have to pay for the test and pay again for it if you fail. The state tests are usually held by independent agencies. Ask the real estate agency or real estate committee to give you a list of independent agencies.

Applying for the first job

Now that you have a license, you can start applying for a job with different agencies. If you are hired by an agency, you will have to join multiple listing services and the board of realtors.

You will have to pay a fee every year to be a member of the board. All states do not require this but some do. Therefore, it is good to attend a seminar on what it means to be a member and a seminar on ethics.

Continuing your education

After receiving your license, the licensing committee will tell you how many hours you will require in continuing education courses. It is good to find a reputable realtor within the agency and shadow them. You also have to ensure that you attend any training the agency offers.

When you become a realtor, never put your interest before the interest of your clients. There are many agents and realtors who are money driven and only looking at the amount they will make from the transaction.

To become successful as a realtor, try to provide 100% satisfaction to all your clients. Building trust with clients takes time and not every client is looking to buy a house tomorrow.

So it’s obvious that success in the real estate industry is not overnight. Putting in the necessary time and commitment, combined with great support and education from a reputable real estate broker will make you a successful realtor.

Find a Local Real Estate Agent to Mentor You

This is the last and most critical step you can make in your journey. Finding a mentor to guide you along the way and tell you about the downfalls ahead is priceless. Someone with experience that has been there before can prove to be invaluable on many different levels. My first mentor was Ryan Dossey, who now runs Christopher Ellyn Homes out of Indianapolis, IN. Dossey does over 100 real estate transactions per year and his knowledge is vast. He specializes in the “We Buy Ugly Houses in Indianapolis Indiana” niche but also does flips, remodels, rentals, and other real estate deals.

Finding a local realtor shouldn’t be too hard. You can easily find someone by searching on Google, Facebook, and my personal favorite is LinkedIN.

Make it your priority to find a real estate mentor!

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ONE of the most frequent questions I am asked is: “How do I become an estate agent?” And my usual tongue in cheek answer is “Why?”

There is a perception that estate agents are all highly successful multi-millionaires. The perception is that they make money easily, and the job is easy. Just go around showing houses – how difficult can that be?

There can be nothing further from the truth than this perception. Estate agency is a difficult job. The hours are long, the income uncertain and the heartaches plenty.

So sometimes, when I see a middle-aged person intending to switch careers to become an estate agent, I am always taken by surprise and a lot of curiosity.

What could have gone wrong with their job, career or life for them to consider a switch to a completely new career, one for which they neither have the training, nor the experience? What would make a person contemplate such a paradigm shift in their lives?

Times are tough. And things are expected to continue to get harder in Malaysia. The prices of goods and services seem to be on an uncontrolled uptrend. Salaries and incomes do not seem to be able to keep pace with this rise.

It is perhaps this set of circumstances that have driven some people to contemplate a switch in career.

Someone must have told them that as an estate agent, you will have the opportunity to have unlimited income. You would be your own boss, decide your own hours and chart your own destiny.


In my younger days, I have had this sales pitch thrown at me by numerous people, usually those in the insurance and direct marketing industry. They tell me how rich I can get, show me examples of people who have made it and pictures of the rich and successful people next to their private planes and yachts.

But I refused to be influenced by promises of quick and unlimited riches. Throughout my entire life, I have been taught that success can only be attained by hard work and continuous dedication to your craft.

But the question remains – can you make it big as an estate agent? The answer is a resounding YES.

I can give you many examples of ordinary people who have made a tremendous success of themselves in the world of real estate agency.

Real estate agency does give you all those things promised. But let’s make it clear here that this level of success comes at a price.

There is no easy path to riches. It comes with a certain level of sacrifice. You will need to be prepared to compromise time with your family, your evenings and weekends and your social life.

On the flip side, you are your own boss and your success and failures are entirely your own.

So how do you get into the world of real estate agency? Practitioners in this business are classified into two categories:

a) Real estate negotiators; and,

b) Real estate agents.

Real estate negotiators are sales people who work for and under real estate agents. The difference between them principally is that estate agents have the necessary academic qualifications and have met the minimum experience, expertise and standards set by the governing board for the industry, the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents, under the purview of the Finance Ministry.

Real estate negotiators, on the other hand, need not have the academic qualifications required for getting registered as estate agents. What they need to do before they can start practising is to get themselves registered with the board as registered real estate negotiators.

Before they do that, they have to attend a two-day course called the Negotiator’s Certification Course.

In this course, they will be taught the basics of estate agency, touching on law, the Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Acts, the Estate Agency Standards etc.

At the end of the two days, they will be awarded a certificate of attendance, which they will need to present to the board before being registered.

Once registered, they will be given a practising tag, which they will have to display prominently during the course of their work day.

To those contemplating a career in real estate, welcome to my world. The challenges are tough, but the rewards and satisfaction more than make up for it. Choose the right agency, choose the right mentor and half the battle is already won.

Good luck and may the force be with you.

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