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http://GoBorino.com. What they didn’t teach you in real estate school. Tips For New Agents.
Every week your coach Borino answers questions about generating leads, prospecting, getting more good listings, earning more commissions while helping more clients. What it takes to be a successful real estate agent. This week’s question is from Taylor who is about to enter the business:
A new real estate agent (or soon to be) asks:
Trying to get a grasp of the realty business and hoping to be able to truly flourish whenever I start. I’m currently on the end of my enlistment in the Navy and looking to get out and pursue something that I can be truly passionate in, I believe that to be Real estate. I have about 4 months until I get out and I’m currently in the Chicago area. My wife and I are considering making the move to Washington to be closer to family but have strongly considered staying in the Chicago area as to avoid the heavy cost of moving and starting somewhere new. My question mainly resides in what’s the best way to get started? My wife is 3 months pregnant and with a baby on the way I feel that I need to work my ass off as to be able to provide for my family, a 9-5 job just cant do it and it’s, simply speaking, something I’ve never been interested in. I’m ready to put in the work and I have the drive to be able to provide for my family. Any tips, tricks, or just general information would be amazing. Anything helps, thank you!

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